Recutting, Repairing, and Re-Polishing Services

The Institute is equipped with a full in-house recutting service that caters to both the trade and the public.

  • We can recut any of the older cuts to modern proportions, repair any broken or chipped diamonds, including repairs to fancy cuts such as prices, baguettes and marquise.
  • We will also re-polish burnt diamonds, remove minor scratches and abrasions from modern cuts, thereby improving their clarity grade.
  • We manufacture to our customer’s specifications and consult with them as required during the job process. Turn-around time is minimal. When we receive your diamond it goes through the following procedures:

  • It is weighed and assigned a number along with the customer’s address and phone number
  • It is carefully analyzed and studied with the customer requirements in mind
  • We then call and consult with you on the basis of our analysis
  • We proceed according to your instructions. Periodical progress report on your diamond is available by phone
  • Fancy Cutting

    The Institute specializes in fancy shapes including the manufacturing of pricess and radiant cuts. We also custom design and apply unique variations of a cut to rough diamond as may be required. A.I.D.C. holds the record for cutting and polishing the largest Barion cut to date.

    Fancy Colors

    A.I.D.C. in-house cutting and polishing department can manufacture rough diamonds in all sizes, including the cutting and polishing of fancy colors. Consultation for the cutting and polishing of large problematic rough diamonds is available at the institute.

    For more information Please call or email at the following: