New and expanded edition of Rough Diamonds, a Practical Guide

Revised and expanded edition- printed 2015

This new and updated edition of Rough Diamonds, a Practical Guide contains over one hundred additional pages and includes three new chapters and one hundred nineteen new photographs, a total of 289 photos with 274 fact filled pages. It is a 8 ½” x 11” (22cm x 29cm) hardcover book complete with a ribbon marker, printed on high quality enamel pages. It is the most comprehensive work in the industry and indispensable to those seeking knowledge on rough diamonds. This current work explores the wide range of shapes in rough diamonds, their surface features, internal characteristics, variety of colors, their transparency, size, and value.

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Book size: 8 ½” x 11” (22cm x 29cm) hardcover

Pages: 274

Photographs: 289

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER ONE – Overview of The Rough Diamond Market.
Mining, classification, production and marketing, pricing and value.

CHAPTER TWO – Rough Diamond Structure, Shape and Orientation
The structure of the rough, common shape of rough gem diamonds, orienting the rough for weight retention and yield.

CHAPTER THREE – Surface Features
External surface features, near surface features.

CHAPTER FOUR – Internal Features
Overview of the internal inclusions, common types of inclusions.

CHAPTER FIVE – The Fundamentals of Rough Diamond Proportions
Introduction to proportions, summary of the round brilliant, general proportion analysis.

CHAPTER SIX – Color in Rough Diamonds
An overview of color, the effects of color on rough externally and internally.

CHAPTER SEVEN – Manufacturing Rough Diamonds
Terminology clarification, the four steps in manufacturing a rough diamond, technology in diamond manufacturing, practical application in manufacturing rough diamonds.

CHAPTER EIGHT – Introduction on Valuing Rough Diamonds
The structure of perceived value, value in relation to expected weight recovery, value in relation to inclusions, color and cut.

CHAPTER NINE – Alluvial Diamond Mining
Diamond production and economic forces, types of alluvial mining, basics of river movement, the Kimberly Process.

CHAPTER TEN – Documenting the Characteristics of Diamonds
Rough to polished, inclusions, color and crystal shapes.