Diamond Cutting and Polishing Services

A.I.D.C. Inc. has a full in house rough diamond cutting service.

  • We manufacture from 2.00ct. rough diamonds and larger in round and fancy shapes.
  • We custom design and apply unique variations of a cut to a rough diamond as may be required.
  • We manufacture to our customer’s specifications and consult with them as required during the job process. Turn-around time is minimal. When we receive your diamond it goes through the following procedures:

  • It is weighed and assigned a number along with the customer’s address and phone number
  • It is carefully analyzed and studied with the customer requirements in mind
  • We then call and consult with you on the basis of our analysis
  • We proceed according to your instructions. Periodical progress report on your diamond is available by phone
  • For more information Please call or email at the following: